Behind the scenes of Léa Seydoux’s Rag & Bone Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

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Mulholland Dr. + blue

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I’m yours, and I’m not yours.

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does ur gay ever just hit u at the most random times like you’ll be eating your bagel and then you just„„, wow…. i am so fucking gay


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Daredevil — Neal Adams


Daredevil — Neal Adams

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  • me: (thinks something mean)
  • me: dont be fucking rude

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Sketch Sunday: Groot
Created by Dan Gould


Sketch Sunday: Groot

Created by Dan Gould


What we’re reading

La Belle Personne (2008) dir.Christophe Honoré

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I could die right now, I’m just … happy. I’ve never felt that before. I’m just exactly where I want to be.

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What is love?

Her definition was by far my favorite

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